A place for all our musings....

Lost In Enlightenment was an idea between two cousins, Jade and Lou, both of us sharing this spiritual awakening journey together and realizing that there was no place that spoke about the brutal nature of the process. That a good portion of blogs were all centered on the sunshine and rainbows of the enlightenment process, and that they glossed over how raw and unnerving the process continues to be no matter how far down the path you venture.

Our chats brought us to the conclusion that there needed to be a space for honest truth, the fumbling of working through the blockages, the tearing down of walls, the unlearning of programs and the moments of clarity that come when you manage to smash through the latest lesson. 

This is what Lost In Enlightenment was born from. Us wanting to share our experiences with those who may happen to stumble upon our little blog, those that are directed here for a little raw and honest writing, or those that might take something from it. And even if nobody happens upon us we have an outlet to release the musings as they come to us. 

At present one half of the dynamic duo is able to be all about the blog with the other magical woman on a mission to improve the healthcare system. L will come in as she has time to share her pearls of wisdom....and believe me it will be well worth the wait when she does.

Until such time you are stuck with me for the outpouring of thoughts, ideas, unleashing of spiritual flow in this passion project we call Lost In Enlightenment.