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Embracing the Unknown with Body, Mind & Soul

There comes a point in which you need to let go of fear and instead embrace the magical possibilities that the unknown can bring.

I have been going over and over in my head as to what the first piece that I should post would be.

Over and over.

Analysing and then reanalysing before the realisation hit me that it really doesn’t matter what piece it is, the point of it was to make that leap into the unknown and embrace the healthy levels of fear, excitement, nerves and positive energy that would set about on the final step in putting myself out there. And if we are being completely honest (which is central to this whole journey) nobody may read this it may sit in the web spiral with no audience and you know what even that outcome is okay. And so I pose this question to myself and to you why is that so many of us are so hung up on trying to over plan, over analyse and work through and over plan so that the unknown is a little more known as it were? Why do we antagonize over what may be and what could be in that seemingly murky and hazy place over there that is reachable and yet undecipherable?

The unknown is not something that we should be viewing as this terrifying beast of uncertainty, the unknown is a beautiful and magical thing where by the possibilities are only limited by our own expectations of what can be. By focusing on the here and now we allow ourselves to engage in the magic of relationships, the natural world, the moments that come to us day to day with interactions with ourselves, our higher self, our guides, friends, family and the world around us. When we allow ourselves the gift of going with our gut and going with instinct there is a lessening of apprehension and fear of the unknown and what may be in the future. Yes it’s great to dream and to ponder and this is a must for nurturing your inner child and allowing playfulness to shine in your life and this is wholeheartedly encouraged.

What I am talking about is the need that can be ego driven where we try to play out the good, the bad and the ugly as to what may be instead of just going with the flow and allowing our true selves to come to life. We often hide our true thoughts, feelings, ideas, values for fear of what others may say/respond/judge us in those moments and yet it is in these moments that you allow yourself a freedom of self and expression and that you are able to fully be at one with who you are. In times like this when I feel myself start to second guess expressing a feeling to someone be it of love, kindness and honesty I remind myself to think of what the worst thing that can happen in this moment will be. If the person reacts in a negative way, if they don’t express the same feelings as you hoped, if the person doesn’t connect with you on that same level then it only shows that the person is not on the same vibrational level as you and energetically you are not yet on par.

And you know what that’s okay.

This then becomes a teachable moment in which we are able to help guide them on the same path or a moment of being able to take a step back and owning your own energy and your sense of self. When we are faced with moments of apprehension when given two choices there will always be the comfortable option and the one that brings about that uneasiness of the unknown and uncertainty, but as we start to push through our own walls and comfort we become more at ease with taking the option that holds true to who we are.

Push through the uncomfortable. Allow yourself the gift today of truly allowing a moment of leaping into the unknown and uncertainty by being open with someone, by showing your true self if even for a brief moment and feel the warmth that it brings. Each day if we practice this exercise the terrifying doesn’t seem so terrifying anymore and we are able to build to bigger moments and bigger tasks to help push us along the spiritual path to living a connected and wholehearted life.

I am not a writer in the classical sense of the word. I have little to no experience in writing anything on this level or in this arena. I am an amateur and embrace that my style and my approach is going to appeal to some and may be quite off putting. But for each that dismiss it there will be someone who gets it and someone who appreciates it and that’s the way life is for most of us in the way we live our lives on a whole.

This is today's moment, the moment in which I allow this small snippet of my mind and soul to be exposed but the reward for me is that my heart, soul, spirit and mind push through another wall and another barrier in which my true self is able to shine.

Embracing the unknown with a full heart and smile and allowing this little journey to take its next in whichever direction that may be.


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